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Interviews with Experts

Nolan Clare, Clare Senior Advisors

Nolan Clare of Clare Senior Advisors discusses how he helps seniors and their families gain access to the resources they need in order to determine what type of care is best for the senior. Nolan has years of elder care experience. Advocacy resources at Clare Senior Advisors are available for free.

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Theron Ahlman, Care Patrol

Theron Ahlman of Care Patrol discusses how he helps seniors and their families find the best care options for their situation. Whether families need help finding an assisted living facility or are looking into at home care, Theron shares how Care Patrol helps clients every step of the way.

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Tiffany Falconer, Ambius

Tiffany Falconer, a sales and design consultant at Ambius, discusses the benefits of interior landscaping and how to use scent to build up a business’ brand. A preview of the holiday decor available at Ambius is discussed as well.

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April Williams, CBSHOME Real Estate

April Williams, a residential real estate agent with CBSHOME Real Estate, explains how she helps home buyers and sellers in the Omaha area. April shares her most effective strategies and professional insight in this short and informative interview.

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Teresa Jordan, CareMATRIX Senior Housing Experts

Teresa Jordan of CareMatrix answers common questions people have about senior housing: how levels of care differ, when is the right time to start memory care, whether one can bring their own furniture and things into assisted living, and other questions. She talks about her free service for seniors considering assisted living or other type of care and invites everyone trying to navigate the senior housing market to give her a call.

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Mark Guilliatt, The Retirement Guys

Mark Guilliatt with talks about some of the exciting things he’s doing in the investment world and Medicaid planning world. Mark explains what enables him to slash the fees associated with retirement planning, why he avoids variable annuities, and how he makes retirement planning simpler for his clients. Attending financial marketing seminars can help those like Mark with advising his clients on how best to sort their finanaces in retirement age. You can learn more about this over at to see how they support people like Mark.

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Leslie Regan, Design with Less

Leslie Regan, the founder of Design with Less, explains why staging helps to sell a house faster, shares her experience with designer Christmas decor, and reveals top 3 decorating mistakes.

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tim-kutschTim Kutsch, Omaha Insurance and Investments

Tim Kutsch of Omaha Insurance and Investments discusses various long-term care and life insurance options. He also talks about his process and what differentiates his firm from other firms.

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