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Free Consultation

Do You Want Clarity on Your Estate Planning Needs and Options?

Then take advantage of our free consultation.

Like most people, you might be overwhelmed by the confusing information available regarding settling your loved one’s estate or establishing your estate plan. Maybe you have specific questions about setting up your estate plan. Or maybe you have an old Last Will and Testament and you are not sure it will still be effective and you just want a professional opinion.


We understand what you are going through. Our firm has been designed to help people in your situation.

What happens at Your Free Consultation?

First, we take the time to understand your situation

We ask questions designed to help clarify what is most important to you. Once we have a handle on what is important to you, we ask questions to help your prioritize those areas that are most important to you.

Next begins the education portion of the consultation

We will discuss with you what different estate planning documents do in the real world. At the end of that discussion will make a recommendation for your ideal estate plan. In many situations there will be multiple options available. We will discuss with you the pros and cons of each option. If you are ready, you can decide which option sounds best to you and your circumstances.

Now to be clear there is no obligation to make a decision or hire our firm

It will be like talking to a friend in the business. We want you to have quality time with us. Naturally we are not the right law firm for everyone and will help you find the right lawyer for you.


That said if you want our experienced legal team to help you with the option you select we would be honored to do so. If you do decide to move forward with us, then our team will immediately start working to fix your situation.

Life is Uncertain. Waiting Is Not in Your Best Interest.

You are busy and things do happen we did not expect. Thus, your best option likely is to get started now. Contact our team to get clarity and make a plan.

OK, so you are not ready to schedule your free consultation now. Then do go to our free resources page to see what we have to help you now short of scheduling your consultation.

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