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Do You Need A Living Will?

Do You Need A Living Will?

Imagine lying in a hospital bed. You were in a car accident, suffered severe injures, and are in a permanent vegetative state. As the doctor explained to your loved ones, you won’t survive without life support. So, what happens to you next? Well, that depends on whether or not you’ve created a living will. Read on to discover what a living will is and how it can protect you and your loved ones from a scenario like the one above.

What is a living will?

A living will is one of five essential estate planning documents. It explains whether or not you’d like to be kept on life support if you cannot survive without it, are terminally ill, or in a persistent vegetative state or coma. Additionally, your living will expresses what pain medications you do and do not want to receive as well as your religious beliefs in relation to medical care. In other words, your living will serves as a physical, legal copy of all the decisions you would’ve made for yourself in the event you need life support and are unable to express your wishes.

How does a living will protect you and your loved ones?

A living will protects you and your loved ones in different ways. First, the document protects you by clearly stating your wishes. That way, you receive the care you want even if you’re unable to voice your opinion. Second, the document protects your loved ones from having to make decisions for you. Having doctors tell you that your loved one needs life support to survive is difficult. The situation becomes even more challenging when you have to decide whether or not they should receive that care. By clearly stating your wishes in advance, you can protect your loved ones from having to make the tough call for you. Additionally, you can avoid family drama in the wake of tragedy. Your loved ones may not all agree on what to do for you. You can avoid family warfare by making the decision for yourself in advance.

How can Boyum Law Firm help you?

Boyum Law Firm can help you with your estate planning, Medicaid planning, and probate law needs. To contact Boyum Law Firm, click here.