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Carrie Fisher’s Burial: A Tribute To Her Life

Legendary Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher passed away of cardiac arrest on December 27, 2016. She was 60 years old. Her mother Debbie Reynolds, also a legendary figure in Hollywood, died the very next day. Together they left an indelible legacy. Read on to find out about Fisher’s fitting burial.

Family Ties

Reynolds left behind her son Todd Fisher, and Fisher left her daughter Billie Lourd and service dog Gary Fisher. Gary, a french bulldog, now lives with Fisher’s former assistant Corby McCoin. The actresses’ combined estates went to Lourd in their entirety. Much of the physical property, including Fisher’s personalized director’s chair from Return of the Jedi, went up for auction, with the proceeds benefiting mental health charities the Jed Foundation and the Thalians.

A Lifelong Struggle

Fisher made her mark with her role as Princess Leia in the Star Wars franchise. But she also wrote several novels and memoirs, along with plays and screenplays. She made no secret of her struggles with drug addiction and mental illness. Potentially, her openness helped more victims of drug abuse feel more comfortable visiting inpatient drug rehab San Diego centers. Fisher won several awards for her advocacy, including the 2012 Kim Peek Award for Disability in Media for her openness on her struggle with bipolar disorder. She became an icon for dismantling the stigma surrounding addiction and mental illnesses. Though many people still suffer from drug addictions, there are now more treatments that aim to help people overcome them, whether this be in the form of medication, courses, or staying in a Luxury Rehab center of their choice, as all this is now much more accessible worldwide. As another example, a lot of people may be given methadone to lessen the withdrawal symptoms that some people face when they’re trying to stop using drugs. However, methadone can become addictive itself, meaning that people continue to have a substance addiction. If you suspect that anyone is struggling with an addiction, it might be worth visiting Countrywide Testing to get a test to see if people have been misusing any drugs. Hopefully, that helps people to realize that they are addicted, encouraging them to stop. Furthermore, there are many different rehab centers like West Coast Recovery Centers that can help people further to face their addictions and get back onto the right path. Thanks to Carrie, so many people are now able to speak about their drug addictions and mental health issues, she really did change many people’s lives with the tales of her own struggles.

A Burial Fit For A Princess

Accourding to Lourd, one of her mother’s most prized possessions was a giant ceramic Prozac pill from the 1950’s. So when the question arose of how to best honor Fisher’s incredible legacy, Lourd and her uncle Todd decided to inter Fisher’s ashes in the Prozac pill. Fisher was known for her candor, humor, and passion. A recently revealed story detailed her response to a Hollywood producer’s sexual harassment of her friend. When she heard of the incident, she approached the unnamed Oscar winner at Sony Studios and gave him a blue Tiffany box with a white ribbon. Inside, she put a cow tongue. She also included a note that said, “If you ever touch my darling Heather or any other woman again, the next delivery will be something of yours in a much smaller box.”

To her survivors, this burial was the perfect way to honor such a unique and spirited life in a way Fisher would have wanted.