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5 Steps to Remove the Facebook page of a deceased loved one

Probate is a very stressful process on many occasions. In my daily dealings helping clients go through the process of probate here in Nebraska, it is very common to have to deal with a Facebook page. More specifically, take down or deactivate a Facebook page.

In this installment of my discussion about dealing the Facebook page of a deceased loved one, I have detailed the steps to take to deactivate that person’s Facebook page. Below are the 5 specific steps to follow in order to cancel or deactivate the Facebook page of a deceased loved one.


1.  Go to http://www.facebook.com

Click on the drop down arrow on the top right of your Facebook homepage.




2. Click on the Help button on the lower right corner of the log in page.




3. Type the word deceased in the area that reads “enter a keyword or question”

You will notice that a number of choices appear when you search deceased on the help screen. In order to delete or deactivate a loved one’s account, you must select the second choice.


Click on: “How do I request the removal of a deceased family member’s Facebook account?” and you will see the following screen.



4. Click on the “send us a request” link, and it will bring you to following screen.

On the screen, you will notice a brief discussion of the information needed to process the special request. Notice the discussion does not include any location to send the information. The entire request is done through the Facebook website. To reach the screen needed to submit the information click on “send us a request” on the second to last line of text on the screen.


5. Enter all of the necessary information in the appropriate places.

The attachments that I send with my submissions are the Letters of Personal Representative and the Death Certificate. You attorney will have both of these documents in electronic form.